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Attorneys Seth Ellis, Jordan Hammer: Contributing Authors of the 2020 Edition of Florida Causes of Action

Thu Sep 30, 2021 | Estate Planning |

At Ellis Law Group, we pride ourselves on being recognized leaders in the South Florida estate planning industry. Not only do we strive to provide excellent estate planning legal advice to our clients, but we also hope to provide useful guidance to our legal colleagues looking for estate planning insights. To that end, Ellis Law Group attorneys Seth Ellis and Jordan Hammer recently served as contributing authors of the 2020 edition of Florida Causes of Action published by James Publishing. 

A Useful Guide for Florida Litigators

Their section focuses on some of the leading questions asked by Florida litigation attorneys who have limited experience with estate and probate litigation, including the following: 

  • Challenging a will based on a lack of testamentary capacity. Seth and Jordan discuss what a litigant must prove to prevail on a claim that the testator was of unsound mind when they executed their will. 
  • Challenging a will based on undue influence. Jordan and Seth review what is considered undue influence, what you need to prove if you believe you have an undue influence claim, and how to defend against claims. 
  • Tortious interference with inheritance. A relatively new cause of action in Florida, Seth and Jordan provide an overview of how to make a successful case that someone is tortiously interfering with your client’s rightful inheritance. 

As seasoned estate and probate litigators, Seth and Jordan give in-depth guidance on each of these issues, helping litigators navigate the complexities of these issues with confidence. 

Boca Raton Probate Litigation Attorneys Helping Florida Litigators

With years of experience handling complex estate disputes, Seth and Jordan share the essential information litigators need to get a handle on their cases. Their section is written with a focus on the following: 

  • Discovery strategies
  • How to build a prima facie case
  • How to defend against claims, including how to identify weaknesses in your opponent’s case
  • Procedural strategies

This section of Florida Causes of Action provides a comprehensive overview of some of the most common issues Florida litigators face in estate cases. 

Need Co-Counsel? We Can Help

Estate issues can arise in a wide variety of cases, and it is often not worth the time and cost to your client to get up to speed. At Ellis Law Group, we are prepared to work with you as co-counsel to focus specifically on the estate issues you are facing. This allows you to focus on the core issues of the litigation while knowing that the estate issue is in good hands. And while your client may be concerned about additional attorney’s fees, we are confident that our services are an added value that enhances your chances of success. 

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