Category: Probate

What is Tortious Interference with an Inheritance?

Fri Apr 29, 2022 | Estate Planning |

There is a broad spectrum of potential claims when discussing probate litigation, with will disputes and breach of fiduciary duty claims being among the most common. However, there is a relatively new type of claim that is becoming increasingly common – tortious interference with an expected inheritance. A Boca Raton […]

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Four Myths About Probate

Fri Apr 15, 2022 | Probate |

Probate is a legal process whereby an estate is administered under the supervision of a court, often with the assistance of a Boca Raton probate attorney. While probate has some disadvantages, avoiding probate shouldn’t be the primary focus of your estate planning strategy. Some of the most common myths about […]

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What Are the Potential Outcomes in Probate Litigation?

Thu Mar 31, 2022 | Probate |

When involved in a will contest, it’s not unusual for the parties to be blinded by their flaring emotions. Whichever side of the dispute you may be on, it is important to understand that the outcome will not be determined by principles of general fairness. Litigation can be very expensive […]

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Worried About Probate? Four Tips to Make Probate Go More Smoothly

Mon Feb 28, 2022 | Probate |

Probate gets a bad rap, and perhaps it’s understandable. When problems arise during probate, the process can become time-consuming and drawn out. While many people choose to avoid probate by creating a trust, sometimes a simple will is the best option. If you are considering a will, however, there are […]

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