Three Reasons Why Young People Need a Will

Wed Dec 29, 2021 | Wills |

When it comes to life’s priorities, planning for the future often takes a backseat to the present. This can be especially true for younger people, who are busy focusing on their young children or their career. Unfortunately, tragedy can strike at any time, so estate planning is important for anyone regardless of their situation. Whether you are single, married, wealthy, or of modest means, having a will in place can protect those things that are important to you when you are no longer able to do so. An experienced Boca Raton probate attorney can draft an affordable will that provides the protection you need. 

1. Intestacy Laws Will Govern

Many people have an agreement with their family about how their property will be distributed, mistakenly believing that they will be able to avoid having a will or going through the probate process. However, in order to transfer ownership of certain assets like real estate or bank accounts, you will most likely need to file for probate. If you die without a will, Florida’s intestacy laws will dictate how your assets will be distributed among your family. Whatever you agreed upon with your family will be irrelevant, and your assets may be inherited by people you did not intend. Rather than risk this situation, a Boca Raton probate attorney can draft a simple and effective will that gives legal effect to whatever you and your family agree upon. 

2. What About Your Children?

If you have children, you should always be thinking about their future in the event that you will no longer be able to care for them. While it’s true that your spouse or co-parent will be responsible for their care in the event of your death, you also need to plan for the possibility that both parents could die in a tragic situation such as a car accident. Your will can include who will be the guardian of your children in the event of your death. Perhaps more importantly, it gives you time to consider who would be best able to care for your children and obtain their consent. Without a will, the decision will be made by the courts, and your children may wind up in the care of someone you don’t want or someone who is unable to provide the level of care you would prefer. If you and the co-parent are no longer married or you have step-children that you care about, a will can help you navigate the complexities of this situation as well. An experienced Boca Raton probate attorney can draft a personalized will that meets your unique needs. 

3. Wills Help Avoid Conflicts

Even if you don’t own much, a will makes your passing easier on your family and loved ones. No one has to decide what to do about the assets you do own, which often leads to stress and conflict. Your will can even contain directions for your funeral arrangements. In short, a will allows your family to grieve without the stress of having to manage your affairs after your passing. 

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