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What You Don’t Get with a DIY Will

Fri Oct 29, 2021 | Estate Planning |

You have no doubt seen the myriad options available online for do-it-yourself wills. For many people, this is an attractive option. It’s less expensive than meeting with a lawyer, and you can simply fill in the blanks rather than have an uncomfortable conversation with a relative stranger about your end-of-life plans. However, there are shortcomings with these form wills that they don’t make known to the people who use them. Shortcomings that may not become known until it’s too late. If you are considering a DIY will, it may be worth at least discussing your estate planning needs with a Boca Raton probate lawyer to understand what you might be missing. 

Your Will May Not Comply With Florida Law

Every state has specific requirements in order for a will to be considered valid. While many of the online wills will generate a document that purportedly complies with Florida law, this may not be the case. For example, if your will isn’t executed properly with the correct number of witnesses, it will be considered invalid. And it is often less than clear when the form was last updated, so there is no way to know whether the form complies with current law. If your will is declared invalid, it will be the same as having no will at all and your estate will pass via the intestate succession laws. In other words, your property may be distributed to your heirs in a way that you were trying to avoid. When you work with a Boca Raton probate lawyer, you can rest assured that your estate planning documents will be in full compliance with Florida law. 

DIY Wills Do Not Provide Any Guidance

This may seem obvious, but form wills just provide a series of blanks to fill in. They presume that you know what you want or know what is best when it comes to your estate plan. While you may have a general idea of who you want your beneficiaries to be and what you want them to inherit, there are multiple issues that you may want to consider such as how to minimize potential tax liabilities or how to increase the value of the assets you are passing along to your heirs. A Boca Raton probate lawyer can provide guidance on a wide variety of legal, financial, and personal issues that will ensure that your loved ones are taken care of after you die. 

DIY Wills Do Not Tell You When or How to Update Your Will

Most people who use DIY will kits complete the forms, file them away, and then forget about them. Unfortunately, there are times when you should consider updating your will, such as when your children start their own families, when you retire, or when you divorce and remarry. In addition, failing to properly update your will can lead to probate disputes and undesirable outcomes. A Boca Raton probate lawyer can help you keep your will up to date so that you always have peace of mind that your wishes will be met after you pass. 

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